What do you do, when iTunes is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems only?  Countless masses suffer with Windows because it boasts iTunes and is less expensive than Mac, yet find it horribly painful to maintain a healthy performing computer.  What other options exist?  Apple, Inc. makes the Mac, which is all that is iEverthing, stable, yet pricey.  There is Linux, which easily operates on the majority of equipment that Windows uses, is free, stable, growing, yet sadly not currently iTunes compatible.

How tormenting it must be for those people so attached to their iTunes that they cannot free themselves from their Windows dependence.  Suffering with the more troublesome Windows OS, all for the wonders that one single program offers them.  Weighing the pros and cons, one might conclude that iTunes is not the be-all and end-all of their computing life style; yet they remain in a digital purgatory.

Linux has a steadily increasing market share over the past 10 years; eventually to catch up with Mac’s 6%.  May Apple soon realize that Linux is a worldwide player too with a growing presence and that they should strongly consider making iTunes Linux-compatible.  Until then, we all have choices to make.  What will yours be?