Two years ago I decided to use Linux …and have never looked back since.  Starting with Ubuntu 9.04, I found incredible freedom!  It was then, I fully committed to escaping Microsoft operating systems and the incessant issues that commonly plague this OS.  Extremely tired of fighting infections and fragmentation, I was very done with it all.  Working on numerous computers for two businesses, with family members, friends’ and co-workers, I’ve seen more e-mayhem than anyone should have to.  I just didn’t want to bother with this at home too.  Something had to change!

Since then, the Ubuntu Linux experience has been nothing short of easy, care-free, relaxed computing freedom!  Long gone are the days of fighting with my machines, to keep them alive, defragmented and infection-free.  This is the open source life!  Immediately I fell in love with Ubuntu and have made it my personal mission, to share the experience with all of those who only wish for the same enjoyment and peace of mind.  It has been life changing.  Most Windows users can’t even come close to boasting such claims.  NO WAY, NO HOW!

I have been 100% infection-free for 2 years plus!

As a side note, my wife has been a Mac user for 12 years and has NEVER been infected.  This is the life!  Who wouldn’t want that for themselves and others?  I am free.  Liberate yourself!