Ever wish everything in life could be as simple and easy as selecting one button, to make it all happen?  One button updates your computer’s operating system, updates your programs, secures and even upgrades your OS.

One button installs the new programs you want; free programs even!  One button un-installs the programs you choose.  How simple and easy is that?  Does it get any better?  Who wouldn’t want their computer experience to be just smooth?  That’s it!  One button does it all!

One button sets you free!  One button allows you to enjoy your computer and Internet experience without fear or concern.  One button frees you to focus on your personal / business work and play.  Freedom from maintenance cleaners and cost.  Free of worries, frustration and stress.  One button!  Doesn’t this sound heavenly?  Of course it does.  Sign me up!  Make it happen!  This good people, is the Ubuntu Linux experience.  Imagine, being just one button away from having it all, so simple and easy.  You get to have your cake AND eat it too!  Life is way too short for anything less than Ubuntu.  It’s a breath of fresh air!