Reading an online Linux forum, I came across one commenting end-user, noting how tired he was that others were stating how Linux operating systems are bulletproof.  When in fact, he knows there’s no such thing as an un-infectable OS; possibly a frustrated Windows user.

No operating system is bulletproof, but as a Linux user, without a doubt you feel like Superman.  This may very well explain why Linux users share with others about their operating systems in this way. Although Linux systems may not be totally bulletproof, they absolutely come the closest to it; especially when compared to Microsoft Windows machines.

As an Ubuntu Linux user, I have been completely infection-free for three years and seven months now, feel like Superman and consider my machine bulletproof. It’s all about how it makes you feel: fast, powerful, safe, stable and secure. Being a very happy camper all this time, I’ll gladly say it too:

My Ubuntu Linux OS has been bulletproof for over 3 1/2 years!

May you experience the same trouble-free joys that the rest of us Linux users do every single day.