Welcome to Open Tech Pro

Where it is strongly believed that every company and every person shall benefit from Freedom, Innovation,  Community,  Technology,  Openness,  Education, Imagination, Collaboration, Flexibility, Neutrality, Security, Productivity, Individuality, Advancement, and dare I say..  Linux!

PC Maintenance

Windows and Linux computer maintenance is important: Installs, upgrades, updates, protection and cleaning available.

Hardware Cleaning

Open your computer equipment, blow out the lint and dirt and inspect that fans are clean and in working order.

Security and Protection

Providing ways to protect your privacy, data and equipment: VPN, encrypted hard drives, backups, email and other protection.

Tech Support

Local or remote tech assistance for people, hardware and software, allowing for timely support as needed.

Company Websites

Low-cost, easily maintained, open source, feature-rich and extensible, using the WordPress platform.

Company Email

Web-based email, shared: contacts, calendars, documents, voice, chat, video conferencing and collaboration systems.

Data Storage and Backups

Automatic backups, synchronization, sharing files easily and securely via online services.

Professional Support

Always friendly tech support is available for 1-to-1 or group training, remote or in-person, teaching basic to advanced skills.