Hardware Cleaning

The Problem

Hardware Maintenance is the one area of computer maintenance that’s greatly overlooked.  No one considers how filthy the inside of the machine becomes.  This can adversely effect the heat levels generated for the hard drive, motherboard, CPU and power supply unit.  This improves risk of possible system failure and data loss.  Hardware maintenance completes the circle of PC maintenance: Software + Hardware = Total PC maintenance!

When was the last time you opened up your computer tower for a thorough cleaning and checked that all the fans are still working?

Dust & Heat are the leading enemies for all electronics.  The build up of dirt, dust and lint may also cause imbalanced and overworked fans; and can even result in fans freezing up and failing, further elevating trapped heat.  Heat levels can quickly and easily reach the boiling point for water (100°C or 212° F), possibly causing PC shut down and or permanent damage.  Benchmark temperatures before and after cleaning, can easily illustrate measured heat differences in the various computer components.

Noise Levels may increase over time, as dust and heat collect.  The the machine’s cooling system may be working harder and longer to maintain cooler temperatures.

Allergies are irritated, when machines attract enough dust and lint on the electronics, blowing the dust particles back into same the area end-users occupy.

Open Tech Pro does the dirty work for you!

Prolong the Lifespan of your equipment with regular scheduled maintenance with thorough cleaning.

The Solution

  1. Mobile Service for friendly, professional on-site cleaning means we come to you.
  2. Outside Cleaning prevents the inevitable atomic dust bomb explosion filling the inside your home, office or warehouse.  Keyboards may also be included, cleaned free of dust, dirt and food.
  3. Fan Inspections are made while the computer tower is opened for cleaning, assuring your fans are working and spin freely.
  4. Disinfectant Wiped cleaning inside and outside your machine, as well as your monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  5. Scheduled Maintenance is offered depending on your needs. We provide on-demand, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six and 12 month cleaning schedules.

Pricing Options are $10/desktop, $5/laptop or $55/hour ..whichever is least expensive.

Fan Replacements are also available for the cost of the new fan, plus $5 for the labor.