From time to time, as I spread the Linux love with soon-to-be converts, they often mention their concerns about having to endure a learning curve, leaving the ever-familiar Windows OS behind.  Learning curve?  What’s that?!  The Ubuntu distribution, in particular, is one of the most beautiful, intuitive and easy to use operating systems I’ve encountered to date; as well as Jolicloud.

Consider what Google explained, when stating the benefits of using Google Chrome OS.  They argued that 90% of end-users’ computer activity is spent using the Internet: email, instant messaging, phone calls, video conferencing, games, TV, movies, music, shopping, news, research, discovery, file sharing, business, schooling, blogging, social networks, etc.  This would indicate most of your time is spent using Internet browsers such as: Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Flock and others, which would be equivalent on each of the major operating system platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.  A web browser is a web browser, even on Linux.

If 90% of your time is spent using the Internet, this leaves only a 10% learning curve, becoming familiar with a new operating system.  And if Ubuntu Linux is as beautiful, intuitive and easy to use as is touted, any learning curve that one might experience will be a surprisingly brief and pleasant one.  Listen folks, sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side.